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$25 per reading

Prices start at $25 and go up to $100 per reading. I specialize in being a Tarot card reader, palm reader, and a psychic reader.

Are you hoping to get a better idea of what the future holds? When you need a psychic reading in Portland, OR, come to Sylvia’s Psychic Insight. For many years we have offered a selection of services for a variety of concerns including tarot card reading, chakra healing, palm readings and much more. We strive to provide our clients with the most accurate readings and healings available at rates that are easily affordable. Knowing the future doesn’t need to be a cause of fear, especially with our help.

Tarot Card Reading

To the untrained eye, tarot cards may just seem like a jumble of playing cards with aimless symbols and pictures. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Tarot cards are a great way to read the future and discover the paths your life can take. With the help of tarot card readings, you can learn what the future brings and how you should approach what comes next.

When you’re ready to see what your future holds, choose us to read your tarots. We have years of experience decoding what the tarot cards are saying and we’ll dispense that information to you in a way that you can understand and use. Come in and visit us today!

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading can give you clarity on your life. For most people, not only is their future a mystery, but their past and present as well remain hard to decipher. Our psychic help uses multiple techniques to provide insight into your life and what is still yet to happen.

We have years of working with many different clients. Our psychic knows that everyone is different and approaches each reading specifically to the person being read. This experience coupled with a tailored approach makes our services unlike anything else in Portland. Contact us today and discover the mysteries of yourself and your future.

Palm Readings

Did you know that your palms hold a hidden message in them? With the right pair of eyes looking at them, your palms can tell a story about your past, present, and future. Are you ready to learn your path through life? Our psychic palm readings are here to show you what your future looks like.

We know the power of things like tarot cards and palm readings and have been sharing that with the Portland community. Our psychic help will help you see the path you’re heading down and how you should handle the things in your future. Curious?

Energy Healers

Has your energy felt out of whack recently? Do you feel that bad energies have been messing with your life? If so, you need energy healers to restore balance and peace back to you. Don’t let yourself not be at your best, for all things out of your control, our psychic team will put you right.

We restore your energy through the use of psychic readings and crystals. Our friendly approach will ease you into a state of peace so that you can best get your energy in order. Contact us today and let’s take a journey through your chakras together!

Chakra Healing

The studies of Chakra have been known for centuries. Your body has a delicate balance of chakras and keeping them in harmony is incredibly important. When out of wack, everything from general feelings of unease to serious health problems can be caused when your chakras are not in order. Through the use of psychic chakra healing and crystal, these chakras that have been thrown off can be restored.

Our psychic team is well equipped to handle chakra healing. We have years of experience getting in touch with our clients and determining what their needs are. If you feel like your chakras are out of balance, don’t let that be left unchecked. Contact us today and let the healing begin.

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