Derp’s and Terpy’s Live Resin (Chula Vista, CA) Verified

Derp’s and Terpy’s Live Resin (Chula Vista, CA) Verified

Made with ♡ in California.


Derb & Terpy’s cartridges start at $30. Products come in 1 Ounce jars for $300. Also sold in quarter pound, half pound, and 1 pound quantities.

Derb and Terpy’s Jars contain five star live resin and come in a handful of flavors.

Derb & Terpy’s have partnered with CaliVerifi to ensure your product’s authenticity. Enter the code found on your Derb & Terpy’s packaging to verify.

Achieving Perfection Daily.

Here at Derb & Terpy’s, we strive for perfection daily. All of our products are held to our stringent quality standards.

Our mission is to only produce products that we would consume ourselves.


SFV OG (Secret Cut OG Kush)

Cheetah Piss (Lemonade X Gelato 42)

Lemon Tahoe Cookies (Tahoe OG X GSC X Lemon Kush)

Gallic Juice (Papaya Cake X GMO)

E85 (Jetfuel OG X Biscotti)

Ice Cream Cake (Wedding Cake X Gelato #33)

Strawberry Banana (Bubblegum X Banana Kush)

Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles X Grape Pie)

Kush Mints (SFV OG X Thin Mint Cookies)

Gushers (Gelato #41 X Triangle Kush)

Mac 1 (Alien Cookies X Miracle 15)

Purple Pebbles OG (FP OG X Purple Punch)

Animal Cookies (Fire OG X GSC)

Birthday Cake (Wedding Cake X Cherry Pie)

White Runtz (Zkittles X Gelato)

Shock Scoth (Shocktane X Biscotti)

Tropicana Cookies (GSC X Tangie)

Nerdz (Strawberry Cough X Grape Ape)

Scottie Pippen (Lemon Cherry Cake X Biscotti)

Strawberry Kush Cake (Strawberry Kush X Wedding Cake)

Kush Pops (Triangle Kush X Frozen Grapes)

Lemon Mints (Lemon Kush X Thin Mints)

Gelatti (Gelato X OG Biscotti)

Pink Guava (Pink Panther X Guava Kush)

Rainbow Sherbet (Champange X Blackberry)

Orange Sherbet (Orange Cream X Sunset Sherbet)


For any questions, info, prices or order inquiries, call or text for a private chat..

Only sold in the State of California.


Age 21 Minimum Legal Consumption Age: All of our products are not for purchase or consumption by anyone under 21 years old.

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