Drop Shop Distillery (Hillsboro, OR) Verified

Drop Shop Distillery (Hillsboro, OR) Verified

Est. 2016


We sell ‘the cellos’ for $28 each, a ‘Friday Wheat Vodka’ and a pumpkin spice liqueur for $25, also sell a gin for $29.95.

Booze! We are a distillery and a tasting room.

Limoncello.  The Classic.  The one that started it all for us.  All of our ‘cellos are, as we say at our tastings, “a little more heat, but less sweet.”  Translated:  70pr and not syrupy.  Yep, 35% ABV!  Smooth and lemony fresh.  Customers have described it as “the best thing outside of Italy!”  We agree…

Our follow up to the Limoncello, Orangecello, is a fun one to make, because after our zesting parties, everyone goes home with fresh-squeezed OJ.  Picture this: fireplace, cold weather outside, and hot cocoa mixed with Orangecello.  Yeah…  Or enjoy it in our signature Chocolate Orangecello Martini.  Just like the Limon, 35% ABV.

The youngest of our ‘cello children, and probably the most versatile of the 3 is Limecello.  There are so many different cocktails to incorporate this one into.  Don’t be afraid to sip this one neat, it’s nothing like you would expect from a lime liqueur. 35% ABV.

The idea of a distillery started when three paddling friends were on a roadtrip to Victoria BC to compete in a dragonboat festival.  Bryan could always make a mean limoncello, and we thought it would be fun to be able to mass-produce and make some money with it rather than giving it away at parties and using it as a post-festival celebratory libation.  Bryan started to do tons of research, and built a small still to experiment with.  Just before filing for our business license, life’s plan dwindled the original three down to two – husband/wife team Bri and Bryan Toedtli.  Drop Shop Distillery LLC was formed on March 11, 2016.

Bryan’s high school friend Kevin Barrett had started Swallowtail Spirits in Springfield, Oregon, and we soon teamed up with him to contract-bottle our spirits to get them on the shelf and start generating some revenue to purchase our equipment.  We filed for our own DSP license through the federal and state governments, and we received our permits on August 4, 2017.

What a wild ride it’s been, thanks Kevin for helping us to get started!

Age 21 Minimum Legal Consumption Age: All of our products are not for purchase or consumption by anyone under 21 years old.

Thu 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Fri 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Sat 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Person Bryan and Bri
  • Address 7940 Northeast Nicholas Court, Suite F. Hillsboro, OR, USA
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