9 Bar Espresso (Vancouver, WA) Verified

9 Bar Espresso (Vancouver, WA) Verified

Make us a part of your daily ritual.


Prices start at $14 for different blends.


What is 9 bar?

“9 bar is a measurement of pressure equal to 130.5 psi.9 bar is the optimal pressure used to extract espresso.”

Meet your roaster

Corey Schmidt began his love for great food and drink at the tender age of 5 when he would eagerly watch Julia Child on PBS and dream of his next culinary masterpiece. Tinkering in the kitchen throughout his childhood and teenage years he developed his love of exciting flavors and the joy it brought to the people experiencing them.

He continued to pursue the culinary arts with a degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta and graduated with a job working for a major worldwide hotel. Like many college graduates he was looking for ways to quickly pay down his student loans and took a second job as a barista. This is where Corey continued his love for discovering new flavors and helping people find the joy in their favorite cup.

This eventually led Corey to give up the kitchen and focus solely on the coffee experience. Later he had the opportunity to learn about the roasting process when he took a job with a small family run coffee roaster in Southern California. This is where he really found his passion for the industry and experimented with ways to bring out the best flavors in the different coffees from all over the world.

Owning 9 bar espresso has been a long time dream of Corey’s and he feels lucky to be able to help coffee lovers find joy in every cup.

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  • Person Corey
  • Address 5305 Northeast 121st Avenue, Vancouver, Washington 98682, USA
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