Alleamin African Kitchen (Portland, OR) Verified

Alleamin African Kitchen (Portland, OR) Verified

Sharing culture through food from my country to yours.


Our prices start at $1 and go up.

We sell Somalian food. Sombusa, chicken and rice, and goat meat. We also sell Somalian hot sauce.

​In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. Thanks to Allah there is no change, transformation nor power or strength, except through Allah.

My name is Khadro Abdi. I am from Somalia. I am married and have two children, a boy and a girl. Coming to America in 2005 as a refugee was the beginning of a new chapter of life for me because learning new culture, environment, and language were a big struggle at the beginning of my life in Portland, Oregon.

Fortunately, using the little English that I came with, working hard, and getting entry level jobs, I was able to make my life better. Thanks to America, I have this great opportunity to be strong, independent and an entrepreneur.

Starting a business is complex and difficult. My positive attitude toward it allowed me to view overall business as a learning process, which was part of daily life. Networking, sharing and being part of community is all part of this.

After becoming more accustomed to the US, I started running my own businesses here. I ran a daycare for 3 years. After that I opened a small East African Cuisine restaurant called Alleamin for 4 years.

It was privilege for me that my customers loved my food especially the Somalian hot sauce, rice, goat meat and sambusa. When that lease suddenly ended it was sad for all of us, my customers, my community and my family.

With encouragement from my community, customers and IRCO, I began taking steps to get licensed to sell my sauces.

I currently make three delicious sauces, cater events, and am looking for a new restaurant space.  My dream to make products for all that are loved by many has come true. Thanks to Allah and everyone who supported me.

I hope you will all enjoy my products.




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  • Address 6935 NE Glisan St Portland, OR 9721
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