aMYLK (Portland, OR) Verified

aMYLK (Portland, OR) Verified

Pure plant based mylk.


Prices start at $6.50.  Enter discount code “Button1” to be used at checkout for $1 off any future order.

amy + MYLK = aMYLK

🥛Pure Plant-Based Mylk
🥛Portland + Shipping (on hold)
🥛Farmers Markets
🥛Raw, Organic
🥛Adaptogens & Superfoods
🥛Love 💗

aMYLK evolved from an epic 4 week solo road trip down the Oregon and California coasts in the summer of 2016. 

For years I had been creating protein smoothies using commercially available nut milks, but as a health conscious consumer I was wary of all the synthetic vitamins and other ingredients I found listed on the labels of the products I was buying. 

This road trip introduced me to healing herbs and medicinal mushrooms (adaptogens). Once I began integrating these adaptogens into my routine I started to make my own mylks using the highest quality ingredients I could find. The results were mind blowing. You’ve never had plant-based mylk this good!


  • Person Amy C.
  • Address Portland, Oregon
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