Beiseker’s Family Foods (San Marcos, CA) Verified

Beiseker’s Family Foods (San Marcos, CA) Verified

Sharing family favorite recipes dating back 150 years

Under $5

Prices start under $5.

Gluten Free bakery with vegan, dairy free and sugarless options.

My love for baking and the name “Beiseker” are one and the same.

My grandmother, my mother’s mother, was born Kathryn Beiseker and she was my role model.

I loved to spend time at my grandparents’ house baking side by side with my grandma. She was a watchful instructor who allowed me to make creative choices without interference.

My grandmother used to say she wasn’t born a baker; she had to work hard at it and with that goal in mind, she indeed became one. Those words and the true meaning behind them were lost on my 6 year old self, but later I set out to be a baker, an accomplished gluten free baker.

I was lead by the same passion and practice my Grandmother had, by using her mind set, I too, became one.

The name Beiseker’s wasn’t chosen for how easily it is pronounced… it was in fact resurrected to honor my grandmother and the key role she had in my life. Beiseker’s is about love, family, food and the passion to do it all, well.

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  • Address 185 Union St, Encinitas, California
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