Blue Moon Bakery (Hillsboro, OR) Verified

Blue Moon Bakery (Hillsboro, OR) Verified

Your Gluten Free Baking Company!


Prices start at $6 and go up.

We are a Gluten free with Vegan options bakery based out of Hillsboro, OR.

The Bakery

Blue Moon Bakery began as Tasty Bites Bakery in spring of 2008. We started in our small licensed domestic kitchen at home near downtown Hillsboro. Back then we cranked out about 50 pounds of dough per week to sell at Hillsboro Farmer’s Market. That was just over 2,200 bite-sized cookies every week!

In early 2010 Tasty Bites Bakery purchased Blue Moon Bakery and moved production into a kitchen shared with Blue Moon Coffee in Lake Oswego. At the time, Blue Moon Bakery was delivering cookies to a dozen local coffee shops, and Tasty Bites was exclusively at Hillsboro Farmer’s Market. A few months later we had out grown the shared kitchen and moved the operation back to Hillsboro into a 300 square foot commercial kitchen. Tasty Bites Bakery officially adopted the name Blue Moon Bakery, but kept the namesake for our mini-cookie product line.

In 2011 the bakery continued to grow and moved into a 1800 square foot facility just a block from the old location. The bakery was then producing over 200 lbs of dough a week and delivered to over 20 locations including New Seasons Market and Coffee Rush in the Portland Metro area.

The Baker

Melissa has been baking and creating in the kitchen for over 20 years. Her passion for nutrition education was the inspiration behind the first Farmers Market bakery that she began in 2008. With young children and a desire to share her commitment to proper balanced eating she created Tasty Bites Bakery, a whole grain bakery that specialized in small whole grain treats. She sold her tasty treats at the Hillsboro farmers market and it was an instant hit! Melissa quickly realized the demand and lack of good tasting gluten free baked goods. She talked with several Naturopathic Physicians, a few gluten intolerant friends, spent time researching and went back to the kitchen to mix up amazing gluten free cookies. The result was and is incredibly delicious!

Fast forward three years later…a thriving farmers market business and a beginning wholesale business. In early 2010 Melissa stumbled upon a wholesale bakery opportunity, Blue Moon Bakery, the bakery was aligned with her mission and a merge was underway.

Currently Melissa owns and operates Blue Moon Bakery and has integrated the two bakeries together, both operate under the Blue Moon name now. The demand for Blue Moon’s tasty treats is growing and the Bakery is steadily expanding. Look for Blue Moon cookies and treats in over 30 locations in the Portland metro area.



  • Address Hillsboro, OR
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