Boistfort Valley Farm (Curtis, WA) Verified

Boistfort Valley Farm (Curtis, WA) Verified


Prices start at $22 for 6 half pints (a half flat) of raspberries or strawberries. $36 for 12 half pints (full flat). While still in stock and season.

Local organic berries, sweet corn, and produce in the Pacific Northwest. Sign up now for our Summer/Fall produce deliveries!


We have been growing certified organic produce since 2003. For the 2021 season we will deliver a community CSA and sell our organic berries and sweet corn at local farmers markets. 

Here in the Northwest, we have a long, mild growing season that accommodates hundreds of varieties of crops. Our direct sales, through CSA and farmers’ markets, allow us to showcase the vegetables and fruits that grow in our region. Because we grow vegetables specifically for consumption (not shipping or shelf life), we have the freedom to grow the tastiest varieties available.

Our produce arrives at market very fresh and in season, which maximizes flavor and nutritional quality. We also enjoy a direct connection with our customers, allowing us an ongoing dialogue about our produce and our farm.


  • Address 426 Boistfort Rd, Curtis, WA 98538, USA
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