Cultured Kindness (Portland, OR) Verified

Cultured Kindness (Portland, OR) Verified

Plant-based. Aged treenut products. Dairy-free.


Prices start at $8 for cream cheese.

We are a small start-up company producing hand-made vegan cheeses in St Johns, Portland, OR.

When I went vegetarian at 14, I had a hard enough time convincing people that I could survive without meat that the idea of no dairy was unfathomable to me.

At school, the lunch lady would barely let me through the line without meat on my salad, “But the beans and cheese have protein!” was a daily argument.

Over the years I started to feel more and more guilty for dairy consumption. As the lie of the happy cow marketing became more and more apparent, it meant seeing the suffering that takes place – so I cut most dairy out of my life, but cheese was just difficult to kick. Especially the delicious, creamy, fancy cheeses; and pizza.

Finally I discovered the art of making cheese from cashews and realized I had found what I was looking for – authentically aged and fermented cheeses, without the suffering that accompanies dairy.

Over the last five years experimenting in the kitchen, I have developed a collection of plant based cheeses I hope you will enjoy.


  • Address 1217 Southeast Stark Street, Portland, OR, USA
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