Grammy’s Old Fashioned Donuts (Estacada, OR) Verified

Grammy’s Old Fashioned Donuts (Estacada, OR) Verified

Every batch, made from scratch.


Our prices start at $4 and go up to $36.

We sell a single donut for $4, 6 for $20, 12 for $36, and if you get 2+ dozen; prices are at $34 per dozen.

We make a large, yeast-raised, sugar-glazed donut from scratch. They are cut and shaped by hand. We also offer coffee.

No dairy, eggs, peanuts or soy. Fried in coconut oil. We also offer a gluten free donut. Est 2016.

Wheat Free Donuts – Original Donuts – Mexican Donuts


Chocolate Donuts (Feb-May) – Maple Donuts (April-June) – Blueberry Donuts (July) – Blackberry Donuts (August) – Apple Cider Donut (Oct-Nov)

  • Person James
  • Address Estacada, OR.
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