Harvest of Peace Microgreens (La Center, WA) Verified

Harvest of Peace Microgreens (La Center, WA) Verified

A zero waste company specializing in joyful, nutritious, abundance!


Prices start at $3.

A zero waste microgreen farm providing joyful, nutritious, abundance to Clark County, WA restaurants, retailers and individuals. Offering up a special prayer of gratitude for our talented Clark County chefs and conscious eaters whose values match our own. Much love to you for your continued support for our little farm.

Safety and Sustainability is Our Joy.

Certified Organic seeds and fresh OMRI listed soil with each planting.

Zero food waste-we only plant seeds when we have an order.

Compost and reuse all spent soils.

We only deliver within 30 miles of La Center, reducing food/fuel miles.

100% reusable/recyclable/compostable packaging.

Environmentally responsible cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

Energy efficient LED grow lights.

Well insulated growing environment reduces energy costs.

Collect coffee grounds for compost as part of the Master Composter Recycler program.

UV treated municipal water source offers increased food safety.

Plant trees in an effort to sequester carbon in the soil and return the land to a more natural habitat.

Clark County Green Business certification obtained in 2019.

  • Person Therese
  • Address La Center, WA.
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