Healing Earth (Gresam, OR) Verified

Healing Earth (Gresam, OR) Verified

Healing Earth Medicine is dedicated to a scientific, holistic, & natural approach to medicine.


Prices start at $6 and go up to $36.

I sell holistic mushroom products from mushroom hot chocolate, mushroom matcha and mushroom tinctures.

Our Story

Healing Earth has always been inspired by mushrooms, having been developed when I was working with mushrooms for ecological restoration. I began wondering:

‘If mushrooms can heal the earth, can they heal us too?’

Healing Earth is the culminating product of my efforts to connect people to the benefits of mushrooms through excellent food & science.

It all boils down to: we believe that life is better with more mushrooms!​

Enjoy life always​

Rosalie Crowe – Owner – Manager

Committed to Quality

Our mushroom tinctures are extracted from the fruiting body of the mushroom because this is the most potent source of beta-glucans and triterpenoids.

No grain spawn, period. Many other companies use mycelium, but we believe that this dilutes the mixture with grain the mycelim is grown in.

We extract the mushrooms with a proprietary 5-step process that not only maximizes the medicinal compounds but also stabilizes for pH and suspends the compounds evenly within the solution.

Committed to Sustainability​

We carefully select sources which are shown to be sustainable. We believe that is our responsibility to future generations and our responsibility to the planet. We do this by buying organic ingredients and talking to our farmers.

We build community and support local economy by sourcing our ingredients from local farmers when possible.

We are concerned about health and wellness world-wide and we provide responsibly sourced ingredients. We take great care in selecting fair-trade certification for exotic ingredients.


  • Person Rosalie
  • Address Portland/Gresham, OR.
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