Hood Hills Farm (Sandy, OR) Verified

Hood Hills Farm (Sandy, OR) Verified

Sustainably grown produce.


Prices start range from $5 to $20.

Sustainable grown produce, canned goods and fermented products.

On the foothills of Mount Hood are 19 acres of land housing pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, and greenhouses. This is Hood Hills Farm.

Will and Ashley met in Fort Collins, Colorado. Will was farming his 2nd season and Ashley was working as a sous chef at a fish house, that supported small local farms like Wills. Ashley loved working on the farm and she ended up working with Will the following season in Fort Collins.

After the fourth season, they realized they wanted to re-locate to Oregon. Camping, rivers, the ocean, and ability to grow just about anything were the main reasons for the move. After living in McMinnville, Oregon for a year, and on the constant hunt for farm land, Will and Ashley finally landed the farm of their dreams in Sandy, Oregon.

The land is 19 acres, with two streams running through it. Half of the property is located across the road, with a private stream and small waterfall after a quick hike into the woods. It is located right on the foothills of Mount Hood, near the Columbia river gorge.

Will and Ashley plan to put up a few green houses, growing mainly tomatoes in bulk. They also plan to raise pigs, ducks, chickens, goats and sheep and cannot wait to get involved in the Sandy and metro Portland communities including 4-H and FFA. They also plan to join the hip camp community and try to connect with local campers and families.

Hood Hills Farms would like to offer a canned good CSA along with the sales of other canned goods at markets. Be on the look out for canning classes, canning CSA and other jarred information.Will and Ashley will also be involved with local food banks, Gresham women’s shelter, and other outlets to contribute any extra food.

  • Person Will and Ashley
  • Address 43754 Phelps Rd Sandy, Oregon
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