Hopkins AG (Bakersfield, CA) Verified

Hopkins AG (Bakersfield, CA) Verified

Est. 1978


Half round $8 raw, $7 roasted. Full round $13 raw, $12 roasted, almond butters for $10.

Bring container back get refunded $1 off next purchase. Gift container variety pack for $18.

All Natural California Almonds For Sale!

Indulge in all natural almonds and a variety of flavored almonds straight from the tree. Hopkins AG specializes in amazing and creative flavors and pure, unpasteurized almonds with no preservatives or additives.

From dozens of sweet, salty, spicy and zesty flavors to satisfy every craving to pure, untouched raw almonds still in their shell, Hopkins AG brings you the best California almonds.

Almonds are the perfect snack and an ideal gift for anyone on your list. Farmed right in California and delivered straight to your door, Hopkins AG almonds give you the richest flavor from the moment you crack open the shell.

With seven different flavors of dry roasted almonds to choose, you can find the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth or curb your hunger.

Packed with flavor and full of protein, potassium, calcium, iron, fiber and other essential vitamins and minerals, almonds are a healthy snack to enjoy any time.

Find your favorite flavors and order online or order a gift tin for a friend or family member. Try Hopkins AG’s almond butter for an even more decadent flavor with all the vitamins and nutrients.

  • Address Bakersfield, CA.
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