House of Spain Wellness (Portland, OR) Verified

House of Spain Wellness (Portland, OR) Verified

Our Spanish family has been importing from Spain to America for over 40 years and we are proud to bring a world class oil to the U.S. market.

$29 a bottle

Our prices start at $29 for a bottle and go up to $100.

18+ to purchase.

At House of Spain Olive Oil we strive to import and provide the highest quality olive oil available direct from Spain at the best prices available.

At House of Spain, our Spanish family understands the extraordinary benefits and vast array of applications Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for. 

Our intimate family connections in Spain allow us to guarantee satisfaction, quality, and olive oil you can trust. We have personally chosen and visited each farm and producer in Spain ensuring only the highest standards of both the product and the source.   

Our mission doesn’t stop there.  House of Spain is the first producer of Premium CBD infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We use only the highest quality, organically grown, Oregon hemp derived CBD. Our CBD contains zero heavy metal or heavy solvent residuals and completely non-detectable THC.

We are proud to use the purest CBD crystalline available worldwide. This beautiful, synergistic relationship is beneficial to our mind, body, and spirit- the trifecta we are so honored to support.  We are proud to produce and manufacture our final finished premium product here in beautiful Portland OR!

We make it our mission to source local- from our bottles to labels, boxes and equipment. Our mission includes supporting those that make what we do possible.

Our hope is that you will enjoy our CBD EVOO as much as we do. 

Only the highest quality CBD infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil- from our family to yours.


500 AÑOS

This highly unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the southern province of Cordoba called “La Subbetica” near the village of Priego de Cordoba, a mountain area with the perfect terrain and weather for olive trees.  The family owned olive groves are all certified as trees older than 500 years.

These ancient trees produce small amounts of fruits compared with younger trees but have a larger concentration of flavors. Harvested by hand (no machines involved), mechanically extracted and cold pressed, our “500 AÑOS” EVOO comes from a mixture of two varieties of olives at proportions around: 90% picudo and 10% hojiblanca. Harvested in November, these olives are carefully selected and processed within hours of being picked to preserve the maximum quality.

All this care and attention makes it possible to obtain our unique and exclusive “500 AÑOS” EVOO, an olive oil  full of aromas of green fruit, and freshly cut grass, and a medium very pleasant peppery finish. This oil is high in both vitamin E and Polyphenols (antioxidants) and is a favorite among world renowned chefs, foodies, and olive oil lovers everywhere! Only available in the US through House of Spain EVOO!

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