Jammin’ Stan (Leucadia, CA) Verified

Jammin’ Stan (Leucadia, CA) Verified


Large assortment of jams, 25 different flavors. 4oz for $5, 8oz for $9 and 12oz for $12.

All of our jams are made with FRESH FRUIT, not frozen or dried. Only the highest quality fruit and other ingredients are used when making our jams.

We are at the Vista Farmer’s Market Every other Saturday and Leucadia Farmer’s Market every Sunday.

Check out our website to see all the different flavors and varieties we offer.



I am a businessman, a chef, an artist, and a natural leader. I am also a songwriter and musician. I jam, and I make jam… and I never stop thinking… exploring… experimenting… and loving life with my partner, Mary.

After many years as a high tech executive and CEO, I took some time to explore my passion to create and followed that passion into the kitchen. Although I was working on several fine art and music projects, a bumper crop of Loquats and Figs got me cooking!

I made my first batch of Loquat Jam, came up with the branding for “Jammin’ Stan,” and gave out jars at our annual Halloween Bash! Months later, while brainstorming in our jacuzzi (the “Treehouse Think Tank”), Mary said, “Why don’t you do something completely different? Why don’t you do that Jammin’ Stan thing?”

Within six weeks, “Jammin’ Stan” was a registered food producer in San Diego County selling a dozen outrageously delicious jams at local farmers markets. And the awesome flavors and products are now available in selected Vons Stores in San Diego County. Next… the world!

I really do love this stuff! And that’s my story!


  • Address Leucadia, CA.
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