Jitter Bus Java (Portland, OR) Verified

Jitter Bus Java (Portland, OR) Verified


Our prices range from $3 to $5.

We are a full service mobile coffee shop.


The idea to create a mobile coffee shop came to us while sitting at a youth soccer game, on a cold and rainy Oregon day with no sign of coffee to be found.​

My husband had wanted a Volkswagen Riviera for a very long time and saw this as the perfect opportunity to combine his love for German engineering with my love for the perfect cup of coffee.

We spent the following year building the Jitter Bus. this included completely gutting the interior and renovating to meet health and safety standards, without loosing the original charm and functionality. ​

One of our greatest driving forces for this project was seeing the need to teach our children the value of hard work and earning your way in this world. When we were growing up there were  ample opportunities to earn a decent wage picking berries or working after school, but today’s kids are not given the same chances.

Each of our kiddos, still living at home, take turns working full shifts in the Jitter Bus and will eventually know how to run the business. From steaming milk to repairing the gas lines, we will teach them the trade and if they have the passion to do so, they will eventually have a bus of their own,​

Our long term goals include a non-profit to “put kids to work”, expansion of our mobile presence and establishment of a store front coffee shop. 

  • Address SE Portland, OR.
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