Kulfi PDX (Portland, OR) Verified

Kulfi PDX (Portland, OR) Verified


Prices start at $4. 3 for $10!

Handmade, all-natural kulfi & ice pops!

We handcraft our gourmet ice pops with unique ingredients and flavors, such as cardamom, saffron, rosewater, pistachios, real fruit, and more!

We live for unique flavors and are always experimenting with new combinations. Whether it’s turning our childhood cups of chai into a pop or coming up with a kulfi in honor of this beautiful city, we’re here for it!

Who Are We?

In the spring of 2019, we were walking down the street looking for ice cream to fulfill our kulfi craving. The next day, Kiran decided to try to make it herself and stumbled on a hidden talent for making kulfi! Kiran spent weeks coming up with unique recipes while Gagan played taste tester. In June of 2019, we began rolling out our bike to local events and markets before packing up in the late fall.

2020 has brought it’s own challenges with COVID and cancelled events, but we have recently begun collaborating with other small businesses to bring our pops to you! They can now be found on Masa Fresh, Taco Pedaler, and anywhere our bike will take us.

  • Address Portland, OR.
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