Le Petit Jardin (Cornelius, OR) Verified

Le Petit Jardin (Cornelius, OR) Verified

I specialize in Microgreens, greens, and summer produce.


Prices start at $6.

Le Petit Jardin is an Urban Market Garden located in Cornelius, Oregon.

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About Our Microgreens

At Le Petit Jardin, we only use Organic Seeds sourced from USA and Canada. The soil we use is called Pro-Mix Organic mix and that is used on every flat grown. As a bonus, we use Kangen Water Filter.

Microgreen Containers 

Le Petit Jardin uses only World Centric® compostable plastic containers that are made from lngeo,'” a bio-based plastic derived from renewable plants grown in the U.S. For more information on this product, see


Made from plants instead of petrochemicals from fossil fuels 

Manufacturing uses less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions 

Freezer safe 

Certified to break down in a commercial composting facility in 3 – 6 months


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