Maryhill Fruit Company (Goldendale, WA) Verified

Maryhill Fruit Company (Goldendale, WA) Verified

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Maryhill Fruit Company (formerly Maryhill Orchards & Vineyard) has been a family owned and operated fruit and vegetable producer in the Columbia River Gorge for many generations.

The next generation has recently taken ownership of the farm with an entirely new vision for sustainable growth, farm-to-table initiatives, and continuing to provide the highest quality produce for the most value. Maryhill Fruit Company will continue to show why Maryhill is one of the best places to grow and purchase fruit and vegetables.

Maryhill, Washington is a small community located at the banks of the Columbia River. Surrounded by water and hills, this location is perfect for growing multiple varieties of fruit, grape vines, and produce. Low showers during spring and hot, dry summers are perfect for our growing season. Because of this weather, we are able to deliver our produce earlier to market. Winters are windy and cold, but we rarely get any frost, which helps reduce our crop loss and extend our growing season.

Sustainable growing practices are centered around growing fresh fruit and produce using crop rotation, conservation tillage, and different methods of cultivation. We produce crops with a minimum-to-zero amount of toxic chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, or genetically modified seeds (GMO).

  • Address 1 Maryhill Hwy, Goldendale, WA, USA
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