Mixteca PDX (Portland, OR) Verified

Mixteca PDX (Portland, OR) Verified



Prices start at $3.50.

EXPERIENCE OAXACA CUISINE We specialize in mole (molè) from the rich region of Oaxaca Mexico. Tamales Tacos Enchiladas and much more.

Experience the traditional flavors of Mexico from the family-owned business, Mixteca Catering with Chef Doña Paula Asunción. The internationally-known cuisine of Oaxaca (wah-HA-ka) infuses Doña Paula’s handmade corn tamales and mole (MOH lay) sauces. She uses fresh ingredients, including Oregon-grown tomatillos, tomatoes, jalapeños, and a variety of vegetables.

Tamales are individually wrapped in corn husks and slow-cooked in traditional steaming pots called ollas tamaleras. Dona Paula hand grinds chiles, spices, and seeds to create her traditional mole sauces. Corn tamales are available with chicken, beef, pork, and vegetarian and vegan options.

All the ingredients are fresh, no deep frying and no lard. Fresh vegetables are sliced and sautéed with fresh garlic, onion, black pepper, and Dona Paula’s special tomato sauce.

It is closed.
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  • Address 2320 SE 82ND AVE PORTLAND, OR 97216
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