Moonglade Brews (Oceanside, CA) Verified

Moonglade Brews (Oceanside, CA) Verified

Est. 2017


32oz bottle for $10/ $8 refill. 12oz bottle for $4/ 2 bottle for $6.

Ginger beer and root beer craft brewed at our brewery in Oceanside. All brews are probiotic, all natural, non-alcoholic with cold pressed ingredients. Brews include mango, pinapple, xtra ginger, chocolate stout root beer among many others.

The “story” of MOONGLADE

One warm summer evening in Oceanside, California our esteemed founder was gazing off over the shimmering waters of the San Luis Rey River while holding his infant son. The light reflecting off the river caught his eye and he wondered if there were a name to describe the beautiful, calming shimmer of moonlight on water. Behold!

Using the power of Google he soon learned the term moonglade was used to describe this phenomenon. At that moment, he decided to name his youngest son, Moonglade the Mighty! However, his wife would soon scuttle his plans and he was forced to name his burgeoning ginger beer company Moonglade Ginger Beer instead. And we all lived happily ever after…

Well, it almost happened like that 🙂 We really are a small family business with a nano-brewery where we craft our healthy beverages. Our passion is developing healthy, robust, flavorful beverages that can be enjoyed as an alternative to sugary sodas or alcoholic beverages. We found that you can craft healthy, great tasting beverages without adding preservatives and copious amounts of sugar.

We can’t compete with the big brands, and we don’t want to The big brands have to add sodium benzoate, potasium sorbate, corn syrup, artificial colors and artificial flavors in order to create a shelf stable product that can be shipped around the world and sit on a shelf for months.

Our products are all natural, containing the highest quality local ingredients and made from scratch. One sip and you’ll see the difference that using wholesome ingredients makes. We also use traditional fermentation methods to ensure a robust, flavorful beverage, to increase shelf life, and ensure freshness. Fermentation actually makes our beverages probiotic as an added bonus!

  • Address 102 Copperwood Way, Suite E
    Oceanside, California 92058
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