Nature Nates LLC (La Center, WA) Verified

Nature Nates LLC (La Center, WA) Verified


Prices start at $2.99.


Exceedingly healthy organic sorghum popped in a variety of oils with astonishingly delicious flavors. 

Exceedingly healthy, astonishingly delicious, Popped Sorghum and Urban Gita Ghee. Made with only the finest most natural ingredients.

Better than POPCORN, POPPED SORGHUM IS HERE TO STAY!!! Extremely healthy astonishingly delicious. Also Urban Gita Ghee made with organic cultured butter from local grass-fed cows.

Nature Nate’s cares about health and nutrition. Everyone needs to eat and most people strive to be more healthy. That’s why we pop the healthiest yummiest snacks on the planet.

We always choose local vendors whenever we can, use the best natural ingredients possible, refusing to use preservatives, artificial flavoring or coloring and we do this in an artisan manner; by hand with detailed care.


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  • Address 13813 Northeast 371st Street, La Center, WA, USA
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