Pablo Munoz Farms (Dayton, OR) Verified

Pablo Munoz Farms (Dayton, OR) Verified

Always fresh, always local.

$2 per lb.

Prices start at $2/lb.

Family run since 1998.

Our Story

Moving to Dayton in the early 90’s, Pablo began a job with local cattle farmer named Ron and his wife.

For many years Pablo worked day and night to ensure his work always reflected how grateful he was, not only for the chance to work and show what he had to offer, but for also giving him a place to live and begin his life.

After many years Pablo began growing small amounts of plants in his garden. Many people who visited him always commented on the quality of the fresh produce in his garden.

Ron began noticing this and offered Pablo a chance to care for, and manage a small peach orchard. After this Pablo was able to slowly begin growing different produce and cultivating more and more fruit. Not only did Ron allow Pablo to keep growing but he encouraged him to become his own company to be able to make a living for the family he had began to raise. Ron would help guide Pablo and his family, not just on the farm but in life.

Pablo Munoz Farms has now grown offering local seasonal produce every year. Throughout the years we try to offer the best quality produce we can without resorting to using harsh chemicals. After our plants begin to bloom all spray applications stop. This allows fruit and produce to be as clean as possible straight off the plant. We are not an organic farm but 90% of products used are labeled for organic use.

Pablo Munoz Farms could not have come to be without the encouragement, support and guidance from the late Ron and Marie Finnicum. They will forever be in our hearts and we hope we have made them proud.

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  • Address 21425 Southeast Grand Island Loop, Dayton, OR, USA
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