Pasokin (San Diego, CA) Verified

Pasokin (San Diego, CA) Verified

Simple, all-natural, bite-sized peanut butter snacks.

$11.99 per box

We sell a sampler pack for $11.

We sell a peanut butter snack, all natural, vegan, gluten free with no preservatives.

From Our Founder, Marco Amselem

Like most Brazilians, I was first introduced to ‘paçoca’ (pronounce Pah-sō-Kah) very young, and this popular snack became a special part of my life.

I have fond memories of going with my friends after school to buy paçoca from a neighborhood candy stand, or celebrating Festa Junina with my family, where I’d devour the pacoca as quickly as it was passed around.

I moved to San Diego in 2010 to focus on completing my MBA and train as an adventure racer. In 2013 I joined team Columbia Vidaraid, and the following year we won the podium at Adventure Race World Championship, a position we held for two consecutive years as the number one team in the World.

All along, ‘paçoca’ was the taste of home I most longed for. I brought pacoca back from Brazil whenever I had the chance–I especially loved having this sweet and savory snack while training. I even shared some with my American friends during training sessions, races, and at school. Everyone loved it and wanted more. This would soon become the inspiration for Pasokin.

In 2015, on a Skype call with my dad, I shared how excited people got when I shared pacoca with them. And there the idea to bring this beloved Brazilian snack to American families was born. We put together a business plan to introduce ‘paçoca’ to the US and got straight to work.

Pasokin was created by one of the top endurance athletes in the world. Without the use of common preservatives or unrecognizable ingredients found in most snacks around, Marco Amselem decided to produce here in the United States his version of one of the most beloved snacks of Brazil.


  • Person Marco
  • Address San Diego, CA.
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