Pilgrim’s Roasted Nut’z (North Plains, OR) Verified

Pilgrim’s Roasted Nut’z (North Plains, OR) Verified

North Plains, OR.


Prices start at $10.

We pride ourselves in making our own recipe, unique flavored Bavarian style nuts and seeds!!

We have many different flavors of fresh roasted nuts and seeds including Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Walnuts. Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds. WE SELL COOKIES TOO!

Our flavors run from classic cinnamon roasted to Karin’s own creations. The flavors include sweet & salty, rich caramel, spicy, and cinnamon. We also have dry roasted options and some chocolate covered delicacies. We are always developing new flavors so watch our Facebook page and website for updates.


  • Person Karin & Chris
  • Address North Plains, Oregon.
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