Pinole Blue (Wichita, KS) Verified

Pinole Blue (Wichita, KS) Verified


Prices start at $9 and go up.

Pinole is made of roasted ground maize (corn) with spices, and as been passed down by tribes in Mesoamerica since the time of the Azte.

Pinole Blue is a visionary food product company, bringing traditional recipes from organic blue corn with a modern-day touch. We offer nutritional alternatives while giving back to the Tarahumara community.

We are an inspired brand making food and drink mixes from ancient recipes, using the highest quality ingredients. Everything is made and shipped from Wichita, KS. We believe that we have a duty to give back.

As part of Pinole Blue’s mission to give back to the Tarahumara community, we participated in a local food drive. With the help of local community members, we were able to take donations to a remote area near Guachochi in Mexico’s canyon region.

Some of the food staples brought to this community were locally sourced corn (maize) from local food growers and other locally identified food staples.

Como parte de la misión de Pinole Blue de retribuir a la comunidad Tarahumara, participamos en una campaña local de alimentos. Con la ayuda de miembros de la comunidad local, pudimos llevar donaciones a un área remota cerca de Guachochi en la región de las barrancas de México.

Algunos de los alimentos traídos a esta comunidad fueron de productores locales y otros alimentos básicos identificados por la comunidad. ¡Un gran agradecimiento a Adilene González por la colaboración en este proyecto fortalecido localmente!

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