Purdy Organics (Gig Harbor, WA) Verified

Purdy Organics (Gig Harbor, WA) Verified

We make purdy good pickles.


Prices start at $10 for a 12oz jar.

Our pickles are handmade and created in small batches. We use the finest top of the line organic ingredients. All of our produce is purchased from local organic farmers.

Our simple recipes have been perfected so that you can taste the vegetables without added dyes or chemicals. Our brines have been created using the perfect balance of organic vinegar, sea salt, and organic spices.

Customers often tell us that our pickles taste just like what their grandmothers and families used to make in the past. They say that they would harvest from their gardens and preserve the harvest when times were simpler.

Pickling vegetables is an art form, and we work very hard to perfect that art.


  • Address Gig Harbor, WA.
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