Raw Oregon Honey (Oak Grove, OR) Verified

Raw Oregon Honey (Oak Grove, OR) Verified

$10 per jar

Prices start at $10. We also offer honey sticks, 3 for $1.

​1lb Jar = Net Wt 16oz (454g) = $10
2lb Jar = Net Wt 32oz (907g) = $18

3lb Jar = Net Wt 48oz (1360g) = $25


Raw Oregon Honey is a family company run by three generations of Vollintines, with several apiaries along the Willamette River.

Our honey bees harvest nectar from the local blooms in Oak Grove, Oregon, where we live. The honey we Vollintines harvest is RAW and LOCAL, filtered only once and never heated.

Because the honey is unprocessed, all the natural qualities are kept alive. Raw honey contains bits of wax, pollen and propolis.

We have never blended or altered any of our honey, which ensures the quality and unique flavors our bees produce remain intact when the product makes its way to you, the consumer.

Straight-from-the-hive Raw Oregon Honey’s unique flavor is rooted in the Oak Grove area’s blackberries, old-growth trees and residents’ diverse gardening choices.

One-hundred percent pure, natural, unpasteurized and unfiltered, Raw Oregon Honey is a whole, antioxidant-rich food that’s wholly local and delicious.

Raw Oregon Honey practices sustainable farming methods and uses no chemicals, and our Queen bees are raised from local Portland stocks to help ensure the survival of the Northwest Honey Bee.

  • Address 1031 Dogwood Ln, Oak Grove, OR, 97045
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