Rive Sauce Co. (Portland, OR) Verified

Rive Sauce Co. (Portland, OR) Verified

Sauces with purpose.


Sauces start at $7.99.

All-purpose condiment sauces.

All vegan, gluten free as well as nut free.

Thrive’s sauces are all-purpose with flavorful heat.

Use Special Sauces on sandwiches, eggs and potatoes, tacos, salads, French fries, wraps, and everything else!

When Chef Erika founded her food truck in 2012, she knew she needed an expert hot sauce to pair with her bowls; a hot sauce that would not only add heat, but add flavor to complement but not overpower.

No other hot sauce came close to what she was looking for, so she made her own with agave and habanero peppers, using all-natural, non-GMO, local and organic ingredients to create a Special Sauce that was sweet, tangy, creamy but vegan, dippable, spreadable – a hybrid between a hot sauce and a condiment.

We’ve come along way from slapping labels on bottles of Special Sauce in Erika’s kitchen, though. Thrive Special Sauces can now be found at various locations in Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho, and online.


Thrive’s Special Sauces are your new multi-purpose condiment! They are well-balanced in both flavor and heat. All three are made from the same healthy ingredients, just in different amounts. Use them to add flavor and a kick to every dish without overpowering it.

​The creamy consistency gives you the ultimate control over how much spice you want. Choose to drizzle or smoother. Either way, they are the ticket to deliciousness!  

We use it on fish tacos, burrito bowls, on burgers, wraps, sandwiches and breakfast foods. Alternatively, use as a dip, baste or marinade. marinade. It’s an everything sauce that you can put on just about anything! 


Tomatoes | Yellow Onion | Garlic | Dry Mustard | Apple Cider Vinegar | Non-GMO Canola Oil | Kosher Salt | Agave  | Habanero Pepper | Xanthan Gum

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 tbs (15g)

Calories: 25 (From fat: 20)

Total Fat: 2g (0g Trans Fat, 0g Saturated)

Cholesterol: 0mg 

Sodium: 110mg 

Total Carbohydrates: 2g 

Total Sugars: 2g

Protein: 0g

  • Address Piedmont, Portland, OR.
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