Sinful Confections (Tigard, OR) Verified

Sinful Confections (Tigard, OR) Verified

Taking sweet innocent ingredients & making sinfully delicious treats


Prices range from $4 to $6 per baked good.

Allergy friendly baked goods, gluten free, soy free, and vegan. Women owned business.

As a stay home mother of three young girls I absolutely loved being active in the kitchen recreating health conscious meals and treats for my family. Of course this meant when it came to birthday parties for my little ones, buying baked treats were not an option.

Over the course of a few birthday parties I began to notice a growing concern involving allergy sensitivities (mainly gluten) among some of the children. In fact I remember a time when one of the kiddos couldn’t eat one of my cupcakes due to a gluten sensitivity they had. With no back up option, this was heart breaking and I knew I had to get back in the kitchen and recreate my cupcakes to be more allergy-friendly.

I love the challenge of recreating my favorite baked goods to be allergy friendly. While it’s definitely not an easy process it’s certainly an accomplishment once I figure it out. As I continued to provide gluten free and soy free cupcakes at my children’s birthday parties I began to receive numerous compliments about them. Encouragement began to build from many of my peers to push my talents to other baked goods and to sell them!

The joy and reactions I get from my customers today truly make my heart so happy! Especially from those with food allergies who had given up hope on finding tasty treats that are safe for them. My hope is that I continue to grow in my local communities which have been so supportive of me.



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