Soulstice Gardens (Onalaska, WA) Verified

Soulstice Gardens (Onalaska, WA) Verified


Prices start at $3.

An organic homestead🌻, art retreat🍄, and animal sanctuary🐑 between Seattle and Portland. Permaculture🌍, art culture, love culture.✨ #seedarevolution

An artist retreat center and a 5 acre organic garden. We are in our first years and gathering momentum as we work with the land and the artists herein…

Soulstice Gardens is a homestead-style, demonstration farm. We demonstrate various organic agricultural and lifestyle practices; all which can work together to increase sustainability, biodiversity, soil health, and production on any small piece of land.

We are artists and philosophers. When you treat every project like it’s art, you never end up with something ugly. Farming should be exciting and satisfying, living should be about building your house and growing your food.

  • Person Michaelyn and Andy
  • Address Onalaska, WA.
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