Sweet Iron Waffles (Seattle, WA) Verified

Sweet Iron Waffles (Seattle, WA) Verified


Prices start at $2.75 and go up.

Our waffles are a magical treat, made to order, pressed with our hot and heavy Belgian irons. Downtown & Capitol Hill.

Created with only the best organic, local and all natural ingredients.


Sweet Iron is a local business owned by Adrienne Jeffrey, her husband John and their two adult children Paul and Danielle. Adrienne lived in Brussels as a teenager and was puzzled as to why all of the “Belgian waffles” in America were based on the Brussels waffle and ignored the waffles found in the city of Liège, Belgium.

After dreaming about introducing Liège style waffles to the U.S. for decades, she and her daughter Danielle traveled to Belgium in 2007 to learn how to make Liège waffles and to source the waffle irons and pearl sugar that are essential to making the authentic waffles.

Sweet Iron opened in 2009 in downtown Seattle and continues to thrive after almost ten years in the same location. We hope you visit soon!


It is closed.
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  • Address 1200 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA, USA
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