Taming Turtle Cookies (Portland, OR) Verified

Taming Turtle Cookies (Portland, OR) Verified

Thick gooey cookies. New flavors every month!


Prices start at $4.

Hi, we’re Zech and Astrid.

It all started in 2020. An incredibly messy year that required A LOT of self-soothing, which usually came in the form of cookies. Every batch we baked brought us closer to the cookie of our dreams — thick, soft, and gooey yet still the right amount of crispy on the outside hmmm.

We continued baking through our move to Portland. Our best friends, and currently quarantine buddies, live here with the most amazing poodle named Turtle. Our weekend routine soon became baking cookies for our friends while Turtle went crazy begging for treats. We eventually made her a peanut butter dog treat so we could enjoy our cookies without feeling guilty.

Seeing the smiles and pure joy that came from baking was addicting. We figured, if this makes us happy, even for a moment, then it’s something worth sharing. So Taming Turtle was born, a small tribute to our favorite pup.

We didn’t choose to be cookie connoisseurs, cookies kinda chose us. And now we’re beyond excited to share them with each and every one of you.


  • Person Zech and Astrid
  • Address Portland, OR.
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