Taste of Old Poland (Portland, OR) Verified

Taste of Old Poland (Portland, OR) Verified


Prices start at $4.

Taste of Old Poland is a local family owned business that specializes in home made authentic Polish food, and more specifically perogies. Over the last 25 years, we have have sold our food in restaurants, catering, food booths & festivals all over Oregon & Washington. During these 25 years we have accumulated hundreds of thousands of happy customers that already love our food and we are happy to serve our food where our customers can get them easier.

We also serve our homemade smoked polish kielbasa. All of our meat & ingredients are sourced locally from the farmers at the market and made fresh so you can be assured you will be getting some of the highest quality polish food Portland has to offer.

My name is Dionizy Baran and it all started in 1976 in Bukowno, Poland. At first we were nothing but a small family restaurant using recipes handed down from my grand mother & my mother. All of our food was made from scratch and after 3 years many clients pushed me to get a bigger location which we named Under The Elk..

My dream was to go see America so in 1986 I moved to Los Angles, California where I stayed with my brother. In 1991 I moved to Oregon where I rented a house and built a commissary kitchen on the property. This is where I started making hand made pierogies and Kielbasa. In 1994 I started selling my food in downtown Portland at the Saturday Market. Very soon my Pierogies and Kielbasa became very popular even The Oregonian and the Willamette Week wrote about us in their news papers.

Every year more and more clients came and tried our food. The demand was so high, pretty soon we were doing many festivals, private catering & company catering. For 10 years we have sold our food from two different locations in Downtown Portland. Thank You and I would be so happy if everyone could try our delicious home made food and see why our recipes of over +25 years is so popular.

  • Address Portland, OR.
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