Three Sisters Nixtamal (Portland, OR) Verified

Three Sisters Nixtamal (Portland, OR) Verified

Organic corn masa & tortillas.

$1.50 per lb.

Prices start at $1.50/lb.

Tradtionally-made organic corn masa and tortillas made from 100% fresh nixtamal. Made in Portland and available in the Northwest, Northern Rockies and San Francisco.

Three Sisters originates from the symbiotic growing of maize, beans and squash practiced by Indigenous cultures throughout the Americas: the bean vine grows around the corn stalk fixing the nitrogen to the soil, while the squash vines provide a shady ground cover locking in moisture and keeping weeds and insects at bay.

These three crops, grown and eaten together naturally offer environmental, sustainable and nutritional balance. Nixtamal, a word derived from the Aztec Nahuatl language, refers to the corn masa or tamal, that has been cooked with an alkaline. We use pickling lime but wood ash or ground oyster shells have been used in the past.

Three Sisters Nixtamal began in Portland when Adriana, a native of Mexico City with roots in the highland capital of San Luis Potosi, inherited her Tia Julieta’s tortilla cutter.

Surrounded by great home-cooked food growing up, and with Aunt Julietta selling Enchiladas Potosinas and another Aunt bottling her special chili sauces, the idea for starting an artisanal Mexican food businesss in her adopted hometown seemed like a natural and necessary thing to do, bringing her closer to her family, ancestors and traditions.

  • Address 7475 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, OR. USA
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