Trail Brew PDX (Portland, OR) Verified

Trail Brew PDX (Portland, OR) Verified

Deeply nourishing alternatives to caffeinated drinks.


Our prices start at $14 and go to $18.

Merle & Marshall’s Trail Brew is an Instant Earthen Beverage featuring superfood mushrooms and tonic herbs.

Just add hot water, stir, and enjoy the essence of Earth’s most wholesome ingredients!

Who We Are

Patrick Merle Sellin & Kevin Marshall Jones are native Oregonians, avid trail wanderers, and brewed beverage enthusiasts. 

TRAIL BREW is their offering to the greater human family— an alchemy of Earth’s most precious herbs and mushrooms, a delicious drinkable reminder of what longevity and vitality feel like.

With loving gratitude for all our relations, 

Merle & Marshall


  • Person Kevin
  • Address E. Portland, OR.
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