Yacolt Mountain Farm and Nursery, LLC (Yacolt, WA) Verified

Yacolt Mountain Farm and Nursery, LLC (Yacolt, WA) Verified


Prices start at $3.

We are a small-scale diversified horse-powered farm in Yacolt, Wa. We use only organic products and practices (certified organic starting in 2014) and strive to be as sustainable as we know how. Our products include a wide range of vegetables, eggs, grass-fed lamb, pastured pork and in the future fruits as well.

Our family farm’s mission is to be a sustainable organic horse powered farm. Our farm is dynamic in that it evolves to balance the needs of our family with the ecological needs of the land. The ecological needs include the needs of our soil, our watershed, our animals, our pasture, our native biodiversity, in essence all the complex relationships that exist between living organisms and nonliving entities which we manage consciously.

  • Person Caroline and Dan
  • Address 20217 NE Yacolt Mountain Rd, Yacolt, WA 98675, USA
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