47North Creations (Tacoma, WA) Verified

47North Creations (Tacoma, WA) Verified

Est. 2018.


Prices range from $6 up to $100.

47North Creations, expresses the uniqueness of our Pacific Northwest through locally made and handcrafted creations. Just as there are limitless ways to find beauty in the Pacific Northwest, we have found limitless ways to capture and express that very beauty.​

From Fused Glass Jewelry to Wooden Earrings, Magnets, Key-chains, Coasters and Signs, you will find many Pacific Northwest inspired works at 47North. 

Our use of local reclaimed woods is no doubt an important part of our method. We take pride in using reclaimed materials, transforming unwanted woods into wooden works of art. ​

We love to take on custom works & engravings. Please fill out a request form below for more information or requests.


  • Person Kelsey
  • Address Tacoma, WA.
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