A Joint Effort PDX (Portland, OR) Verified

A Joint Effort PDX (Portland, OR) Verified

Vendor at the Portland Saturday market.


Prices start at $65.

Making all sorts of good stuffs and things with wood, sometimes epoxy, in Portland, OR.


A Joint Effort is a project that started in early 2018, born out of the beauty of the wood we work with and the connection we have with the customers we serve.

Our company lovingly produces unique, locally made and locally sourced butcher blocks, cutting boards, and other custom goods for your home. These are the talented people who make A Joint Effort what it is…

Josh Aguiar

Josh Aguiar is our smallest, sweetest, and hairiest team member, as well as the founder and owner of A Joint Effort. He has been doing various forms of wood working and fine carpentry since he was 18, growing up in and around the cornfields of Kansas.

He eventually moved out to Oregon in his mid 20’s, where he met and learned from wood sculptor Leroy Setziol. When he’s not in the shop, he’s on the sidewalk drinking a cappuccino and smoking an American Spirit menthol. He brings the most laughter and knowledge to our team here at A Joint Effort.

Maxwell Knudson

Maxwell is a soft spoken and witty guy who joined Josh in the shop in 2017. He has known Josh through family since he was just a little kid, and was first introduced to wood working through Josh at a young age. His first memorable project was chip-carving a bowl at the age of 13.

Max mostly likes to work in the shop, and seems to come in with a different old car once every couple of months. He also enjoys cooking, to the rest of the team’s benefit, often making soups in a crock pot for everyone to enjoy.

He’ll tackle whatever project is thrown at him with calm confidence, and has a special skill for project planning.

Andrea Roseberry

Andrea joined Josh in the shop in the summer of 2016 with very little wood working experience, but a lot of will to learn. Since then she has proved to excel with every project given to her, and even win some arm wrestling contests along the way.

She has been most helpful in doing anything that has to do with computers or cameras, and is the best at bringing up shop moral. We can thank her for our weekly “cake day” (Thursdays, if you want to come by).

When she’s not in the shop, she likes to support Portland’s Maker Movement in other ways, like going to a lot of local shows and drinking a lot of locally made beer.

  • Address 304 Southeast Main Street #5, Portland, OR, USA
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