Atmos Essentials Verified

Farm-to-consumer essential oils.


Essential oil rollers at $5. Prices range from $9 to $20 for 150ml bottles.

Atmos Essentials provides high-quality oils and essential oil diffusers. We make essential oils verifiable, affordable, and understandable!

Verifiable: We provide access to cutting-edge research on essential oils, and never make any claims unless verified through research. We don’t believe in hearsay or mumbo-jumbo here!

Affordable: We partner with local and international farmers to bring our products straight to you. Without relying on network marketing like our major competitors, we can pass on amazing savings.

Understandable: The world of essential oils can be bewildering to newcomers and veterans alike! We strive to make information about our products as simple as possible, and you can contact us with any questions you may have.

We are a family-owned, small-town company focused on providing high-quality essential oils and diffusers at affordable prices. Atmos Essentials endeavors to bring simplicity to the essential oil market by bringing its products from farm to consumer. We also strive to make scientific research on essential oils easily available and understandable. We put YOUR health, education, and safety first!

Our essential oils are 100% pure. No additives, fillers, or dilutents here! Just the simple essences of nature, and nothing more. We don’t advertise our essential oils as being “therapeutic grade” because that’s just a marketing term (check out this article by Certified Aromatherapist Wendy Robbins), but rest assured that our oils are the highest quality out there!

We proudly partner with local farmers to source our essential oils! When an oil can’t be sourced locally (Oranges don’t grow well in the Pacific Northwest, for example!), we search for the most efficient method to bring those oils to you!

And did we mention our amazing satisfaction guarantee? If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our product, you can return it to us within 90 days after purchase, and we’ll refund the purchase price. Even if you’ve already opened the product, you still qualify! 

  • Price $5
  • Slogan Farm-to-consumer essential oils.
  • Listing categories Item
  • Address Kelso, WA.
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