Bubba Hemp (Philomath, OR) Verified

Bubba Hemp (Philomath, OR) Verified

USDA Certified Organic Hemp CBD Products.


Prices start at $45 for 500mg CBD Full Spectrum Salve USDA Certified Organic. $38 for 300mg CBD Full Spectrum Oil USDA Certified Organic for Pets.

About BubbaHemp

From the beginning, the mission of the BubbaHemp Company was to produce CBD with the cleanest and purest process possible. This was important because hemp is a bio-accumulator plant, that is, it can absorb chemicals like pesticides and heavy metals from the soil. So that meant literally starting at the ground level.

In this crazy CBD industry today with no regulations in place, as of yet….You must know where your hemp is grown.

It is critical to know that your hemp is grown in clean soils. BubbaHemp is grown on an established 35-year-old USDA Certified Organic vegetable farm in Oregon. Our soil is clean, and the organic practice of this farm has been ongoing for years.

Next the crop is hand harvested choosing the best and healthiest hemp flowers for extracting CBD. Many other farms mass machine harvest which brings in everything in the field, good and bad, clean and dirty. Hand harvesting is labor intensive, but well worth the bounty of a uncontaminated and pure harvest.

The extraction lab is USDA Certified, and is under strict clean and safety regulations to maintain this certification.

BubbaHemp products are all third party tested for CBD levels, THC levels, heavy metals and pesticides. BubbaHemp Full Spectrum Products have met the criteria to be USDA Certified Organic. You can be assured what is on BubbaHemp labels is in our containers.

Pure and clean are BubbaHemp CBD products.


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