Charis Fashion and Gifts (La Center, WA) Verified

Charis Fashion and Gifts (La Center, WA) Verified


Prices start at $10.

Giving and wearing with passion and love. Empowering humans, rather than trafficking them, in Jesus’ name! Beautiful gifts that make a difference.

This is a dream come true! Literally. About 5 years ago I had a vivid dream (which I don’t have many of) involving human trafficking. I woke up so distraught and determined to some day, some how, make a difference! Charis Fashion was birthed from that determination. We are so excited to share with you some beautiful, hand-crafted treasures created by organizations that not only rescue women from human trafficking physically but spiritually as well because they share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Our one true Hope.

  • Person Charis
  • Address La Center, WA.
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