Cool Beans Distillate (Yamhill, OR) Verified

Cool Beans Distillate (Yamhill, OR) Verified

Help without the high.


Our prices start at $5 and go up.

We provide ‘help without the high’.

Local Oregon grown natural and organic hemp.

No additives and lab tested.

We make tinctures and salves now but are expanding to edibles and message oil.

Artisan CBD Oil

Cool Beans Distillate is a like-minded group of passionate, knowledgeable hemp professionals dedicated to bringing hemp wellness products, like CBD oil, to those who seek them.

Based in Oregon, and one of the very first licensed hemp producers in the USA, Cool Beans Distillate still creates products in small batches with great care, and compassion, using only the finest ingredients, (much of which we grow ourselves, not just the hemp) like calendula, fresh mint, and other botanicals.

We’re constantly striving to create the finest artisanal products, always sourcing the best materials, always researching and testing formulations and applications, because Cool Beans Distillate is a group of hemp experts that use what we make, and we want to make what YOU use.

  • Person Stephanie
  • Address Yamhill, Oregon
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