Deedee and Shark (Portland, OR) Verified

Deedee and Shark (Portland, OR) Verified

Illustrations and ceramics.


Prices range from $5 to $200.

Welcome to DeeDee & Shark, a whimsical art company that makes everyday more fun and beautiful. My name is Lara Duren King and this is my project. The name DeeDee & Shark comes from my son’s two favorite stuffed animals, a huge bear named DeeDee and one of those stuffed sharks from Ikea. I wanted to create a business that didn’t pin me to a specific medium or concept; that embodied my eclectic interests and personality. Currently I make ceramic pieces and then decorate the surface with original designs using under glaze and glaze. I love animals, botanica, mythical creatures, zombies, bones, and will gladly work on custom pieces that cater to individuals. It’s all about creating a unique object filled with humanity, imperfect yet beautiful to enhance your everyday with warmth and fun.


  • Person Lara
  • Address SE Portland, OR.
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