Deva’s Rose Jewelry & Metalworks (Salem, OR) Verified

Deva’s Rose Jewelry & Metalworks (Salem, OR) Verified


Prices start at $52.

I craft unique, nature inspired fine jewelry and accessories.

Hello! Thanks for coming to visit! My name is Annie and I am the designer and creator of Deva’s Rose. But it wasn’t always like this. I began my journey with metals at Evergreen State College working large scale with copper, brass, and steel, learning soldering, oxy-acetylene and MIG welding, forging, and a variety of cold forming techniques.

However, I decided that I wanted to work small scale and, after working for a wire work jeweler for a time, that I didn’t like wire or beads. This lead me to North Seattle Community College where my passion for metals and stones was cemented in place and I began to develop my own style along with fine tuning my skills.

I now take classes at Multnomah Arts Center and am a member of the Portland Creative Metal Arts Guild. Here at Deva’s Rose I hand craft all of the pieces myself. Chains and some findings I get preformed to save time, thus, saving you money, but when you buy one of these pieces you can be confident that from the initial spark of an idea, to design, to fabrication your piece is one of a kind, specially made for you.

Check out my Facebook to see the step by step details involved in my work!I believe that everything is alive. Maybe not conscious but all things, animate and inanimate, give off vibrations so subtle we can only just sense them. People who give off complementary vibrations enjoy each others company, even if they are polar opposites.

I think this is why we are attracted to certain shapes and colors more than others, and, when applied to my field of work, stones and metals.Have you ever seen the piece of jewelry that just calls to you? You know the one. The one sitting on a piece of velvet that you just have to touch, to wear. You can’t help but ask to handle it, whether it’s the price of a coffee or more than you have in your bank account. And the jeweler will hand it over because they know the feeling, it’s why we do what we do.

We know the desire to be close to something that resonates with our being. When two notes are played simultaneously the frequencies will actually resonate together and create a third note. We resonate with the things and people around us, our vibrations mixing to create something more than the sum of it’s parts.

The symphony of the universe. And this is what I believe my calling is. To give you something beautiful that makes you happy every time you look at it and confident every time you wear it. To craft something that you can resonate with

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  • Address Salem, OR.
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