N.D. Byma (Beaverton, OR) Verified

N.D. Byma (Beaverton, OR) Verified

I hope you know how awesome you are!


All e-Books start at $1.99. All hardcover books are $15.

I make children’s books. Writer of positive, fun, and unique stories for kids and adults to enjoy.

N.D. Byma is a writer and storyteller from Beaverton, Oregon.


5 Minute Superheros

A normal day turns extraordinary for the Jones family when Mom, Dad and twins Joey and Marla take a little time to play pretend. With dragon dogs, Teddybeasts, Elf Warriors and Superheroes, this story proves that any day can be an epic day when you play pretend.

My Favorite is U

A charming alphabet board book for the youngest readers. This story is designed to educate and entertain with adorable illustrations and a message of love on every page.

Rahley the Silent Slug

The story of a friendly slug who is afraid of the sound of his own voice. It isn’t that Rahley can’t speak, he just worries that he will either sound scary or silly and chooses to remain silent believing it to be the safest thing to do.

One day, Rahley must face his biggest fear in order to save his friends and will learn a valuable lesson in the process.

The Letter

A fun and engaging children’s book about a girl who goes to her favorite park to write a letter to someone very special but cannot find the words. When she goes for a walk, she forgets her letter on the park bench and will soon discover that, with the help of some very unlikely characters, fate has plans to write her letter for her in a way she could never imagine.

King Boogie

The story of a silly King, his Royal Caretakers and his best friend; a big, blue Bear!

The Rock that Rolled Across the Ocean

The story of a seaweed and barnacle covered rock living on a grey and dirty beach. One day, a person tells the little rock that it has a great purpose waiting for it across the ocean and so the journey begins. Overcoming great obstacles and self doubt, this little rock will soon discover that our journey prepares us for our destination. 

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Soon

The story of a young boy named Eddie who must face his fear of saying goodbye during three major events over the course of his life. Each time, his mother’s words calm him down and show him that everything will be okay in the end, and ‘as sure as the sun shares its home with the moon, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon.

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  • Address Beaverton, Oregon
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