Noé Fresh (Wenatchee, WA) Verified

Noé Fresh (Wenatchee, WA) Verified



Prices start at $15 for shower gel and go up to $219 for 4000mg cbd cream.

Hi! I’m Noey, Founder of Noé Fresh and I love making awesome healthy stuff. I’ve spent 6 years experimenting and have landed on what I think is the ticket to deep moisture for your skin and relief for your body.

Noé uses only the highest quality ingredients for all our products. Starting with CBD, a natural and powerful therapeutic compound found in the Hemp plant of the Cannabis family.

Noé CBD products use Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, because the health benefits of all the terpenes (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC) and 100 other Cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, working synergistically in what’s referred to as the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect magnifies the therapeutic properties. As a result, our products 100% effective.

Our Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is a proprietary blend, which is Co2 extracted & nano emulsified exclusively for Noe’ products. Extracting CBD with alcohol can produce a harmful by-product called hexane.

We do not use alcohol to extract our CBD; therefore giving you the FULL benefit of each plant used. 


  • Person Noey
  • Address Wenatchee, WA.
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