Porter Lee’s (Portland, OR) Verified

Porter Lee’s (Portland, OR) Verified

We are a one stop shop for all your reusable needs.


Prices start at $4 for stickers and go up.

Handmade reusable items in Portland, OR.

Porter Lee’s is a one stop shop for all your reusable needs. We believe that living an eco-friendly lifestyle should be easy and fun! We are dedicated to saving you money and helping to provide a sustainable future for everyone! Each and every item is handmade at our studio in Portland, Oregon by Porter Lee’s mom, Porsha. 

About us:

Hello, my name is Porsha and I live in a homemade house. If it hasn’t been lovingly stitched together by myself it has been nailed together by my partner in crime, Lee. Between the two of us we try to DIY almost everything! If we can’t make it we will try to find someone who can.

From the first day I brought my sewing machine home I began creating items to fit each challenge we met. I started by making clothes for myself, but that quickly changed when we found out we were expecting our first little one, Porter Lee. Then my sewing projects went from zero to one hundred. I now had a million things on my list I wanted to create. Along my sewing journey everyone in my life insisted that I needed to put my creations up for sale to share with the world. And with that, Porter Lee’s was born!

As time progresses we continue to add to the Porter Lee’s collection, always striving to create the same kind of practical items we would want to use ourselves. 


  • Person Porsha
  • Address Portland, OR.
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